To establish hereiR as the new paradigm of music production by creating high-quality, innovative records that consistently exceed expectations.

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Jeremy - Owner | Producer | Chief Engineer

Jeremy is a highly skilled creative mind. Starting his career working at Triangle Sound Studios with world renowned producer Tricky Stewart, Jeremy was able to learn and understand what it takes to make quality music at an enterprise level. His direction and experience is unique to the industry and he has the ability to take any project to the next level.


high-quality music production

Andrew - Business Operations Manager

Andrew comes from an experienced business background. Starting out at Porsche Financial Services Andrew realized that starting his own business was what he was most interested in. Jeremy and Andrew have known each other for 8 years and together, they have become an unstoppable force. Andrew has represented Jeremy for the last 3 years and helps maintain and thrive the business side of hereiR. He is what turns a creative idea into a functioning and profitable business model.

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Engineers by request.

If you need help booking an engineer we have the resources to provide one to you. Please let us know if you need an engineer even if you are looking to record at a different studio in Atlanta. 

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Will - Producer

Will specializes in Pop and House productions for HereiR. His skill set and versatility also makes him a great addition to Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B productions. Will prides himself on attention to detail, paying close attention to each client's ideas to ensure each project is unique and true to the artist's vision. Outside of HereiR, he can be found assisting and engineering at Triangle Sound Studios or freelancing around Atlanta.

Pop and House productions

Chipper - Head of Security

Facing the hardships in the streets of Jemez, New Mexico, Chipper Foah was able to turn his life completely around when he met Andrew Foah. His rough background and ability to resolve any escalating situations makes him a resourceful asset to hereiR. He ensures the studio is kept safe and cheerful allowing everyone to creatively thrive.